15 Dec 2006
Mach Air Cargo is a charter airline that provides expedited freight service to.....


16 Dec 2006
Mach Air Cargo operates scheduled AN-12 and Boeing 747 planes for it’s air cargo services. The AN-12 and AN-26 aircrafts....

  17 Dec 2006
Mach Air’s Ocean Freight Services enables you to strike an optimum balance between transit time, service, reliability and price. Our service is designed.....

Our Functions
Mission and Vision
Company Values
Corporate Profile
Organization Chart
  We are the group of companies operating as
  • Air cargo operator;
  • Carrier
  • Ground handling agent
  • Air traffic management provider
  • Charter flight operator
  • Customs broker
  • Warehousing service provider
  • RFS organizer
  • Logistics consultant
  We are the “family” of professional, skilled and eager to improve staff to progress in our service and still friendly and efficient that may our customers feel themselves as a part of our “family”
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